“Afterlov” starts off as a twisted metafictional romantic comedy, but it soon turns into a drama with elements of a psychological thriller. A guy decides to lock his ex-girlfriend in a soundproof studio, and to keep her there until she explains to him why they broke up. Initially the girl is scared, but after a while she develops a hysterical form of Stockholm syndrome, and the two characters almost switch roles. The fight becomes physical, and the lines between passionate love and violent hate fade to the point that the two emotions are not distinguishable anymore.

The film is an original and ironic look at how the remains of an interrupted relationship can change the way two people behave with each other. Breaking down the fourth wall and sprinkling some absurdity onto the plot while remaining believable, “Afterlov” manages to move, provoke, entertain, and make the audience question the nature of love and human behaviour.

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