“El futuro perfecto” is without any doubt one of the most light-hearted films in its section. It narrates the story of a 20-year-old Chinese woman who just migrated to Argentina to rejoin her parents, who had moved there many years before. There, she secretly attends Spanish classes for foreigners and falls in love with an Indian guy. Their love is impossible, and she imagines her future by exercising her Spanish verb tenses (hence the title, “The Future Perfect”). The film is filled with hilariously innocent scenes and wordplays that are able to crack up even the most serious and unmovable viewers. It employs a very innovative form of storytelling, which uses out-of-context textbook dialogues read aloud by the language students to convey emotions the characters really feel in an uneasy and extremely funny way.

Although it may not be the best film in competition, “El futuro perfecto” is witty, adorably naïve and yet rich of meaning, making it a mandatory watch for anyone around Locarno.

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