“L’Indomptée” narrates the curious events happening in the real-life artistic residence Villa Medici in Rome. One of the two protagonists, an emerging writer, is soon overshadowed by her husband, a very famous writer who she decided to bring with her. The tensions go beyond any measure, to the point where he has to physically leave the Villa. In the meantime, the other protagonist – a photographer – has supernatural visions of people who used to live there, which inspire her for her photographs, yet scare her to death.

The eccentric and not very convincing use of a red filter for many scenes seems to signal that what we are seeing is a vision and not reality, but sometimes this is not the case. This confusion is contrasted with very pragmatic and material characters, such as a misogynist and sex-addicted filmmaker who seems to care more about extramarital intercourse than about art. However, the story is unclear and fails to gain the audience’s attention, making the film hard to follow. The beauty of the location in which the film is set could compensate this, however the effect only lasts for the first half hour.

Thus, although its characters are interesting, and its cinematography and editing try to exit the boundaries of mainstream cinema, “L’Indomptée” is a negatively puzzling film, which leaves the audience without any relevant emotion or memory of it.

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