Old age is a recurring theme in cinema, but few people grasp its essence as masterfully as Paolo Sorrentino. His latest film, ironically titled “Youth”, is a beautiful look at the pleasures of retirement. Two old friends, played by Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel, live together in the peace of an isolated hotel in the Swiss Alps. Not much happens throughout the film, but it’s in the atmosphere, in the gorgeous and skilful cinematography, and in the carefully written dialogues that the worthiness of the film needs to be found. Filled with a satisfying amount of Fellinian visions – which Sorrentino made large use of in his masterpiece “The Great Beauty” – and a good dose of humour ,”Youth” explores the theme of senility in a joyful, colourful and mature way. Although it is nowhere near the film that won him an Oscar, it does contain a large number of notable scenes, and it is another remarkable addition to Sorrentino’s already rich filmography.

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